Frequenty Asked Questions

For Clients

In order for freelancers to use the platform, they must agree to abide by Stable's Terms of Service, User Agreements and strict privacy policy to ensure confidentiality for each and every client in our platform. In addition, every freelancer undergoes rigorous screening including criminal record checks, sex offenders search, and background check. Finally, Stable's rating and bonus system incentivizes freelancers to do the very best at every shift.

All Freelancers on Stable are independent contractors, which means they are essentially self-employed. By posting a shift, you are offering up the work to your Stable of workers. Shifts are assigned in priority based on performance, rating and agent availability. As a client, you maintain complete control in freelancer selection to ensure your on-demand workforce is composed of only those that you have explicitly accepted to join your team. In order to make your selection, you have access to Freelancer work history, photos, LinkedIn accounts, ratings and more.

Stable offers unparalleled industry leading insurance coverage to protect from the unexpected. Stable Client Insurance protects clients as additional insureds. Our coverage has been designed to protect against third party liability claims up to $2,000,000.

Stable Client Insurance is designed to protect clients for services scheduled via Stable. The coverage is automatic and included with every service rendered that adheres to our Terms of Use.

Stable Client Insurance supplements and expands on the coverage provided to client or homeowner under their existing commercial or homeowners general liability insurance. This policy should not be considered a replacement or stand-in for insurance carried by a client or homeowner.

Yes. We feel accountability and transparency are critical to our users' success. Clients and Freelancers are given the opportunity to rate each other at the end of every shift.

Our software filters through the many freelancers in our network and generates a shortlist of the very best that meet the requirements specified for the role and shift. You'll only see freelancers that have the requirements you have set. You are also given the ability to message them, share files, and schedule a video-chat interview before they are approved to start. You may also choose to give special training before or during a shift which you and your freelancer can arrange in advance.

The Leasing skills available on Stable include:

  • Active Listening
  • Customer Service/Telephone
  • Computer Basics
  • English Proficiency (2nd language preferred)
  • Fair Housing
  • Internet/E-mail
  • Product Presentation
  • Public Relations
  • Safety/Crisis Response
  • Sales
  • Education: Community College Degree Preferred, High School Diploma or GED, Second Language Highly Desirable

The Office & Management skills available on Stable include:

  • Fair Housing
  • Accounting/Bookkeeping
  • Internet/Email
  • Leadership/Team Supervision
  • Online Marketing/Social Media
  • MS Office
  • Risk Management
  • Safety/Crisis Response
  • Education: College Degree Preferred, Residential Property Management, Business Management, Accounting and Finance Courses Highly Desirable

The Maintenance Skills available on Stable include:

  • Basic Maintenance
  • Computer Basics
  • Customer Service
  • English Proficiency
  • Fair Housing
  • Internet/E-mail
  • Safety/Crisis Response
  • Time Management
  • Education: Career and Technical School Degree Preferred, High School Diploma or GED, Second Language Highly Desirable Basic Maintenance

Looking for a skill that is not listed? Contact us at [email protected]

Absolutely. Stable complies with all local laws. All freelancers on Stable are classified as independent contractors. We have a built a large network of both unlicensed assistants, licensed real estate agents, and licensed property managers to choose from. Depending on the type of work, select with the skills and licenses you need.

The hourly rate or flat "per-service" fee is an all-in cost. That hourly rate includes taxes, insurance and payroll - the total cost you would pay for an internal resource but broken down hourly.

After a shift or service has been completed, you’ll be responsible for paying the freelancer. Stable will invoice for the work completed, which will include the pricing terms of the shift and/or service agreed to with the Freelancer. Stable then pays the Freelancer following the shift. Payments can be made by credit card, e-transfer and/or wire transfer.

For Freelancers

All payments will be processed immediately following your shift and paid out bi-weekly via e-transfer and/or direct deposit, depending on your preference. Interac e-transfer is a convenient way to send, request and receive money directly from one bank account to another. All you need is access to online or mobile banking through a participating financial institution.

Clients on Stable only hire freelancers that have fully completed profiles. The best way to stand out and pick up amazing work is by taking a few minutes to complete your profile by adding photos, work history, social media accounts, and the skills you would like to show case. You can do this by selecting "edit profile" in the top right-hand menu.

Yes. Users rate each other at the end of every shift.

Yes, all freelancers must be willing to undergo a background check, in accordance with local law and regulations.

You'll only see shifts that align with your interests, skill set, experience level, and certifications. Stable provides a personalized onboarding session to walk you through our technology to ensure a seamless user experience.

Some projects may require special training before or during a shift (ex. apartment community walkthroughs, floor plan review, rent roll and pricing sheet review, system/technology training, etc..). This would be something that would be coordinated in advance between you and the client.

Clients are encouraged to make timely decisions and select freelancers quickly. That being said, in certain situations it may take a little longer from them to decide. If you have bid on a shift but are no longer interested, simply retract your application.

We will notify you when you've been scheduled for a shift of service by email.

Cancelled shifts severely damage the Stable brand and impact future opportunities for other freelancers on our platform. Late cancellations or no shows will negatively impact your user rating and impact your ability to pick up future work. Stable recommends that freelancers ONLY apply to shifts and services that they are truly ready, able and available to work.

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