Concierge / Front Desk

A building concierge can be the lifeline for any apartment building, rental community, condo or senior care facility. Whether it be reception, coordinating trades, receiving packages, greeting visitors, and maintaining detailed written logs, we've got you covered.

$25 - $30 cost per hour

Cost per month
Around 50 hours
Cost per month
Around 150 hours
Cost per month
Around 300+ hours

What's Included

We'll help you get up and running.

In-Depth Analysis

Our growth team begins with deep discovery of you, your company, and your current or ongoing concierge or front desk requirements.

Customized Strategy

We analyze and create a dynamic schedule based on your goals and workload, giving you full flexibility to adjust it on-demand.

Performance Reports

Receive monthly reports from your freelancer on performance, tasks completed, and hours worked.

LOCAL Concierge

We curate a shortlist of experienced local concierges for you to choose from to begin their expert and professional services.

Benefits of Sourcing Locally

  Local Market Insight - Familiar with local market conditions / values

  On-Demand & In-Person - Available for in-person meetings and work

  Temp to Hire - Good contractors make good employees

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