Marketing Assistant

Have you ever wished you had an extra set of hands to help with social/online marketing, design brochures, write copy or update your website? What about a bilingual assistant to help target a specific demographic? Local Marketing Assistants on have you covered.

$25 - $35 cost per hour

Cost per month
Around 50 hours
Cost per month
Around 150 hours
Cost per month
Around 300+ hours

What's Included

We'll help you get up and running.

In-Depth Analysis

Our growth team begins with deep discovery of you, your company, and your current or ongoing Marketing Assistant requirements.

Customized Strategy

We analyze and create a dynamic schedule based on your goals and workload, giving you full flexibility to adjust it on-demand.

Performance Reports

Receive monthly reports from your freelancer on performance and tasks completed to keep a thumb on progress.

LOCAL Marketing Assistants

We curate a shortlist of experienced local marketing assistants for you to choose from to begin their expert and professional services.

Benefits of Sourcing Locally

  Local Market Insight - Familiar with local market conditions / values

  On-Demand & In-Person - Available for in-person meetings and work

  Temp to Hire - Good contractors make good employees

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