Local Inside Sales Specialist

Stable connects small businesses with experienced local sales support to automate their outbound sales prospecting and customer campaigns.

Save time, eliminate sales cycle friction, and grow smarter.

Cost per month
Around 50 hours
Cost per month
Around 150 hours
Cost per month
Around 300+ hours


How we help you scale and grow your business.

Modernize Your Sales Process

We make your sales process more intelligent by pairing expert local cold-callers with intuitive software to manage them.

Grow Big on a Small Budget

No overhead. Only pay for work when successfully completed.

More Time in Your Day

We manage the entire prospecting process for you so you can focus on the important things, like running your business.

More Meaningful Conversations

We create personalized cold-calling sequences designed to convert your ideal customers at 3-5x the industry average.

Dedicated Support from Experts

Our team of sales experts guide and support you as we grow your business together.

What's Included

We'll help you get up and running.

Local Talent

We recruit, onboard, and curate a shortlist of experienced local outbound sales experts for you to choose from.

Intuitive Software

We provide intuitive software and proprietary tools to improve team management, coordination and effectiveness.

In-Depth Analysis

Our growth team begins with a deep discovery of you, your company, your customers and your industry.

Outbound Strategy

We build an outbound strategy that is tailor-made to meet your goals and objectives.

Prospect List Review

We'll review, clean and work of your prospect or client lists. Need more leads? We've got you covered.

Talk Track

We build out a "Talk Track" complete with openers, rapport building, lead qualifiers and objection handling.

Testing & Debugging

We test and debug the script and send you MP3s of real calls for your review and provide feedback until its perfect.

Track Performance

Whether it be prospecting or a campaign for existing customers, tracking performance has never been easier.

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