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Mid-Market Account Executive


I graduated with a B.S. in Computer Science in May of 2018, but I was bitten by the entrepreneurial bug shortly after my graduation! I enjoyed the freedom of dictating my own schedule by doing Rideshare, Real Estate, and network marketing. I learned many skills like cold-calling, prospecting, lead generation, and communication tactics including overcoming objections. I also went through a lot of personal development during this time that further strengthened my mindset and instilled grit within me. However, the income from these endeavors wasn't as consistent as I would like for them to be. This led me to look toward the corporate realm to obtain a career that would provide consistent and steady income so that I can progress in life the way I truly want. I knew that I still wanted to do something that would be performance-based and that would allow me to provide value to other people. Software Sales seemed like the perfect fit. Through multiple sales B2B sales training programs and my experience, I have learned to work with many different sales stacks and science-based methods to create clarity with prospects that allows me to be the ultimate connector. If I could travel every other month, I would! I have been fortunate to travel to numerous countries so far including the U.K., Germany, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Canada, and Mexico! I also enjoy video games and watching sports, but I don't enjoy sports video games that much; go figure! Fun Fact: I am likely smiling about 95% of the time; for the other 5%, I'm probably hungry, or I've just woken up! I also created the personal website in my banner above. CORE COMPETENCIES Excellent Communication Skills Project Management Interseller and Crunchbase ZoomInfo, Sales Navigator, Calendly, Zoom, Slack, and Hunter Research Methodology Loom & CRM Salesforce and Hubspot Customer Service-Oriented Lead Generation/Management Strategic Account Development Strong Interpersonal skills Google Suite & LinkedIn Superior Organization Skills New Business Development SaaS-based Product Sales

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Computer SoftwareInsuranceInformation ServicesInternet



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Microsoft OfficeInternet ResearchEmail HandlingGoogle DocsMicrosoft WordCustomer ServiceGoogle SheetsSalesTelephone HandlingCustomer DiscoveryMicrosoft ExcelCold Calling

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