How to Become a Sales Rep |

Connect with local businesses in your area

Work on-demand

Easily connect with local organizations looking for sales support.

Work from home

Why waste time commuting when you can work from home?

Set your schedule

You have the freedom and flexibility to control when, where and how you work.

Get paid

Automated invoicing with weekly payouts directly to your bank account.

Stable Sales Agent Account Setup

Creating your account with Stable is fast and simple. In a hop, skip and a jump, you’ll be on your way to earning money! Start setting your own schedule while working from home! Sign up now to connect with local businesses that need your sales skills.

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profile features

Complete Your Stable Profile

Just like your social media presence, your Stable Profile is a reflection of you - as a salesperson. Your place to shine, your profile highlights your strengths and celebrates yours sales achievements. Allowing local businesses to learn more about you, your Stable Profile is designed to sell for success.


What Are Stable Achievements?

Stable Achievements keep you motivated! You can measure your achievements by earning badges marking your progress in sales. Tracking your Stable Achievements trigger the competitive salesperson in you! You’ll compete with yourself to be a better salesperson.

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Payouts you can trust without the invoicing hassle

Working with multiple clients has never been so easy. Never worry about getting paid, Stable’s guaranteed weekly payouts delivers funds directly into your bank.