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Established in 2007, All Voltage Electric (now AVC Industrial) is an a growing electrical contracting company offering services to both commercial and industrial industries. Many of AVC's clients are in the mining, ports and terminal, oil & gas, pipeline, pulp mills, power generation industries, as well as others.

The pandemic forced AVC to audit their sales process and adapt to keep contracts coming in. Given the success of their sister company (Rapicon West) was having with stable, the decision to bring stable on to support with lead generation was easy.

How has impacted our business

Stable's Growth Team took the time to intimately learn their niche, develop their talk track and messaging, and immediately delivered results that blew targets out of the water.

In the first month after only 80 hours of cold-calls, stable delivered 20 qualified meetings, secured $50K in quotes, with built another $100-$1M in pipeline.

Great service. We're looking at using stable for several companies in our group.

J. Hadden

Sales Manager

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