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Rapicon West sells and leases any type of tower cranes throughout western Canada, and through partnership and dealership license can provide tower cranes anywhere in North America. The company has service techs in both BC and Alberta and can erect, dismantle, jump, operate or service any type of crane.

How has impacted our business

Prior to stable, the majority of new business came in through word of mouth and referrals, but leads were unpredictable and not always qualified. Their existing sales team was great but spread too thin, which made setting aside dedicated time to cold-call and prospecting for new business difficult to do consistently.

What Rapicon West needed was a company they could trust to help them build a predictable and scalable outbound process from the ground up. Their Ideal Customers were large concrete forming companies, high-rise developers, and steel erectors with an ACV of 6-7 figures making every touchpoint and relationship extremely important.

Stable delivered 5 qualified leads per week consistently over a 4 month period, with several large deals closing within that same period.

Stable offers a great solution for increasing lead flow in a big way, while also removing the need to add full-time staff. I will definitely be recommending stable to any company looking for a steady stream of sales qualified leads and a team that can execute. Given the success of our campaign, we are currently looking at setting up stable for a second company in our group, AVC Industrial.

R. Hague


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